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Linear Optocouplers  
  • 0.01% Servo Linearity
  • THD -87dB Typical
  • Wide Bandwidth (>200kHz)
  • Couple Analog and Digital Signals
  • High Gain Stability
  • Low Input-to-Output Capacitance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Surface Mount and Tape & Reel Versions Available

IXYS IC Division linear optocouplers features an infrared LED optically coupled with two photodiodes. One feedback (input) photodiode is used to generate a control signal that provides a servomechanism to the LED drive current, thus compensating for the LED's nonlinear time and temperature characteristics. The other (output) photodiode provides an output signal that is linear with respect to the servo LED current. The devices feature wide bandwidth, high input to output isolation, and excellent servo linearity.



Data Sheet Revision K1 Servo Gain K2 Forward Gain K3 Transfer Gain Input Control Current

Isolation Voltage


LOC110 11 0.004/0.03 0.004/0.03 0.668/1.179 2 3750 8-Pin DIP,
LOC111 9 0.008/0.03 0.006/0.03 0.733/1.072 2 3750 8-Pin DIP,
LOC112 7 0.004/0.03 0.004/0.03 0.733/1.072 2 3750 8-Pin DIP,
LOC117 5 0.008/0.03 0.006/0.03 0.887/1.072 2 3750 8-Pin DIP,
Application Notes:


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