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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division
Product Change Notices

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PCN Number



End-of-Life notification NCD2100TTR.
Recommended replacement: NCD2100MTR

PCN EIC-1106 LAA127L Parameter correction - Input Control Current to Deactivate
PCN EIC-1105 IX9907 & IX9908 End-of-Life Notification

ITC137P, ITC137PTR, TS117P, TS117PTR,
ITC117PL, ITC117PLTR, TS118, TS118P, TS118PTR,
TS118S, TS118STR, TS120, TS120P, TS120PTR,
TS120S, TS120STR, TS190, TS190P, TS190PTR,
TS190PL, TS190PLTR, TS190S, TS190STR
XS170, XS170S, XS170STR

End-of-Life Notification
PCN EIC-1103 • CPC7695BA
• CPC7695ZA
• CPC7695BB
• CPC7695ZB
End-of-Life Notification
PCN EIC-1102 CPC1708, CPC1709, CPC1718, CPC1727, CPC1777, CPC1779, CPC1786, CPC1788, CPC1908, CPC1909, CPC1918, CPC1927, CPC1967, CPC1968, CPC1977, CPC1978, CPC1979, CPC1986, CPC1988, CPC40055ST Assembly facility change
PCN EIC-1101 CPC5001Gxx, CPC5002Gxx, CPC5902Gxx, CPC5903Gxx End-of-Life Notification
PCN EIC-1100 IX9915N End-of-Life Notification
PCN EIC-1099 PLA192E & PLA193E End-of-Life Notification
PCN1097 CPC1998J Assembly Facility Change
PCN1096 • C-0010-375-501N21A
• DE150-102N02A
• DE150-501N04A
• DE275-102N06A
• DE375-501N21A
• DE475-102N21A
• IXFH12N100F
• IXFH6N100F
• IXRFD630
• IXZ210N50L2
• IXZ2210N50L2
End-of-Life Notification
PCN1095 CPC1708J, CPC1779J, CPC1918J, CPC1978J, CPC40055ST, CPC1709J, CPC1786J, CPC1927J, CPC1979J, CPC1718J, CPC1788J, CPC1967J, CPC1986J, CPC1727J, CPC1908J, CPC1968J, CPC1988J, CPC1777J, CPC1909J, CPC1977J, CPC1998J Mold compound change
PCN1094 CPC1317P, CPC1335P, LAA110PL, LAA120PL, LAA125PL, LAA127P, LAA127PL, LBA110PL, LBA127P, LBB127P, PAA110PL, PAA127P, PAA140P, PAA150P, PBB150P MSL change from MSL 1 to MSL 3
PCN1093 CPC3708CTR Reel Diameter Change
PCN1091 RF Components Epoxy mold compound Samsung SL-7300JX replaced with Kyocera KE-300TS1
PCN1090 LCA712 Branding Change
PCN1089 CYG2000, CYG2011, CYG2020, CYG2100, CYG2110, CYG2111, CYG2217, CYG2218, CYG2320 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1088 IAA110P, IAB110P, IAD110P, IBB110P, ITC117P, ITC117PL, ITC135P, ITC137P Solder reflow data sheet changes
PCN1087 M949-11, CPC5750U, & CPC5750UTR End-of-Life Notification
PCN1086 LOC210 & LOC211 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1085 CPC7591, CPC7691, & CPC7508 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1084 LIA120, LIA130, LIA135, & LIA136 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1083 CPC1465 & CPC1466 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1082 IX4423, IX4424, IX4425 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1081 CPC7592, CPC7692 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1080 IX3120, IX3180, IX332B End-of-Life Notification
PCN1079 IX2113, IX21844, IX2120 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1077 IX2127 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1074 CPC1017N Data sheet change Data sheet change
PCN1073 CPC1394 improvements and data sheet changes Product and data sheet changes
PCN1072 DE375-501N21A data sheet change Data Sheet Change
PCN1071 CPC1510 LED Forward Voltage Change Data Sheet Change
PCN1070 CPC5902 & CPC5903 change to MSL3 Data Sheet Change
PCN1069 IXYS RF Parts End-of-Life Notification
PCN1068 MX887DHTTR End-of-Life Notification
PCN1067 See PCN1067 for the list of affected products Data Sheet Change: LED forward voltage
PCN1066 CPC1708J, CPC1709J, CPC1718J, CPC1726Y, CPC1727J, CPC1777J, CPC1779J, CPC1786J, CPC1788J, CPC1906Y, CPC1908J, CPC1909J, CPC1916Y, CPC1918J, CPC1926Y, CPC1927J, CPC1967J, CPC1968J, CPC1973Y, CPC1977J, CPC1978J, CPC1979J, CPC1981Y, CPC1986J, CPC1988J, LAA710, LCC110, LCA710, LCA712, LCC120, OMA160 LED input voltage drop MAX increased from 1.4V to 1.56V, and input forward current, If, increased.
PCN1065 4-Lead SOP Optical Devices Data Sheet Change: LED forward voltage
PCN1063 M-980-02 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1062 MX877R End-of-Life Notification
PCN1061 OAA160 Data Sheet Changes
PCN1060 CPC44055ST End-of-Life Notification
PCN1059 LCB710 Data Sheet Change
PCN1058 CPC1006N, CPC1010N, CPC1014N, CPC1016N, CPC1018, CPC1025, CPC1030N, CPC1225N, CPC1230N Data Sheet Change
PCN1057 IX2204NE Obsolescence Notification
PCN1055 CPC2400E End-of-Life Notification
PCN1053 CPC1008N, CPC1017N, CPC1035N Data Sheet Change Data Sheet Change
PCN1052 CPC1964G & CPC1964Y End-of-Life Notification
PCN1051 CPC5601 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1050 CPC75282 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1049 CPC1822, CPC1824, CPC1831, & CPC1832 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1048 IXD_609_614_630: YI Package Data Sheet Change Data Sheet Change: MSL 3
PCN1047A CPC3730 Data Sheet Change Data sheet changes for CPC3730 FET
PCN1047 CPC3730 Data Sheet Change On-State Resistance - maximum limit changed
PCN1046 MSL Classification Data Sheet Change Changes to MSL Classification of LOC11x Devices
PCN1045 MSL Rating Data Sheet Change Note: Replaces and updates 11/6/2015 version
PCN1043 CPC5602, CPC5603 Cut-Tape Packaging Change
PCN1042 CPC3701 Data sheet change
PCN1040B Update to PCN1040 Branding method change
PCN1040A Update to PCN1040 Branding method change
PCN1040 Laser Brand Transition Branding method change
PCN1039 CPC7581BA End-of-Life Notification
PCN1038A Additional Information for Multiple Devices PCN End-of-Life Notification
PCN1038 Multiple Devices End-of-Life Notification
PCN1037 OAA160S, OAA160STR, OAA160P, OAA160PTR Data sheet change: turn-on time (low limit) changed to 20µs,
PCN1036 CPC1008N, CPC1008NTR, CPC1016N, CPC1016NTR Data sheet change: turn-off time changed to 1ms.
PCN1033 CPC37xxC, CPC3708Z, CPC3708AZ Cut-tape ordering option is no longer available; full reel only.
PCN1032 CPC1125N Assembly of the device changes from an optical gel-based light path construction to a double-molded construction. Data sheet change: leakage current from 1µA to 5µA.
PCN1031 CPC2125N Assembly of the device changes from an optical gel-based light path construction to a double-molded construction. Data sheet change: leakage current from 1µA to 5µA.
PCN1030 CPC1708J, CPC1709J, CPC1718J, CPC1727J, CPC1777J, CPC1779J, CPC1786J, CPC1788J, CPC1908J, CPC1909J, CPC1918J, CPC1927J, CPC1967J, CPC1968J, CPC1977J, CPC1978J, CPC1979J, CPC1986J, CPC1988J, CPC1998J, CPC40055ST Device marking changes from an ink mark to a laser mark. This change only affects the "Form" or visual appearance of the devices.
PCN1029 XBA170, XBA170P, XBA170PTR, XBA170S, XBA170STR End-of-Life Notification
PCN1028 M-982-02P, M-982-02S, M-982-02T End-of-Life Notification
PCN1027 M-991, M-991-01SM, M-991-SMTR End-of-Life Notification
PCN1026 CPC7581BB End-of-Life Notification
PCN1025 Clare, Inc. becomes IXYS Integrated Circuits Division Company Name Change
PCN1024A LIA120, LIA130 End-of-Life Notification - Retraction
PCN1024 LIA120, LIA130 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1023 CYG2001, CYG2021, CYG2031, CYG2120 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1022 M-993 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1021 MXEI1480 Change tape assembly subcontractor; no change to product quality or reliability.
PCN1020 CPC1976Y Internal change to the device for supply logistics improvement, which necessitates no data sheet change.
PCN1019 M-959 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1018 M-986-2A1P, M-986-2A1PL,

End-of-Life Notification

PCN1016 CPC3703C, CPC3710C, CPC3714C, CPC3720C,
CPC3730C, CPC5602C, CPC5603C
Packaging Change: Product no longer available in tubes. Now available in cut-tape version.
PCN1015 M-985-01S, M-985-01T, M-985-01P End-of-Life Notification
PCN1014 CPC5604A, CPC5604ATR
CPC5610A, CPC5610ATR, CPC5611A, CPC5611ATR

End-of-Life Notification

PCN1013 LIA100, LIA100P, LIA100PTR, LIA101, LIA101P, LIA101PTR End-of-Life Notification
PCN1011 TS-112N End-of-Life Notification
PCN1010 M-949-01 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1009 M-984-02P and M-984-02S End-of-Life Notification
PCN1008 M-8880, M-8888, M-8870-02, M-88L70-01 End-of-Life Notification
PCN1007 Multiple Products An additional black mold compound has been qualified for use in plastic encapsulated IC's, Relay Products and Optocouplers.
PCN1006 M-8870, M-88L70, M-8880, M-8888 Device branding change.
PCN1005 CPC5602C Device branding change.
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